"I'm running to be your NC State Senator because I'm committed to improving the lives of the people in Southeastern North Carolina. I'm a pastor, a former state employee and a long-serving at-large Robeson County School Board member. I know what it's like to put in the long hours to make the changes needed. Together we can do this and make the 13th District a safer, healthier and more vibrant place for our grandchildren to our grandparents. Join me so we all will have a 13th we can believe in!"

Key Endorsements


Education is the most fundamental element to success in the 21st Century. Everyone should have access to improve their understanding, learn trade skills, and continue their education. Teachers should also be fully supported and appreciated because they are leaders in their communities and stewards of our youth.

We need to make our teachers' wages competitive with other states and incentive their continued dedication to teaching in North Carolina. We also have to ensure our university and community college systems are able to adapt to student needs and changing economies. The hallmark of North Carolina should be its education system.

Our campaign is endorsed by the NC Association of Educators (NCAE).


Southeastern North Carolina is a jewel in the rough. Our best years are ahead of us as new businesses and commerce blaze new trails. We have to have a plan and stay ahead of trends in retail, manufacturing, and tourism and that starts with attracting businesses, encouraging entrepreneurs and start-ups, and preparing everyone for the jobs of the present and future.


Healthcare is a human right and we must expand Medicaid. Everyone in North Carolina deserves to have access to quality care and it should be affordable. Premiums, prescriptions, and all out-of-pocket expenses shouldn't cause people to file bankruptcy. It’s time to stop the NCGA from blocking deserving North Carolinian's from receiving the benefits for which they’re eligible – preferring that our tax dollars go to other states rather than to our needy citizens.

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